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In 2015 Enable America will join with others to honor the milestones and accomplishments of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as we approach the ADA's 25th anniversary this coming July 26.


As an organization committed to improving employment for people with disabilities, we want to hear from you!  How has the ADA impacted and benefited your life?  What do you see as the challenges still ahead?  Write to us and tell us your story, so we can build a foundation for the next 25 years of progress.


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About Enable America

Who We Are & What We Do

For millions of Americans with disabilities, gainful employment remains out of reach. Enable America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing employment among the 56 million Americans with disabilities.

Our goal is to work with all members of the community – inluding disabled individuals, service providers, government agencies, advocacy groups, existing organizations and employers – to eliminate barriers to employment and bridge the gap between disabled job seekers and the employers who want to hire them.


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ABOVE:  LCPL Nathan Jakubisin, USMC, accepts a $7,500 donation at the EDM Americas 4USTroops Charity Golf Tournament held June 30 in Cary, NC.  At left is SSG Oliver Hughes, US Army, who was also honored with a $7,500 donation, along with SPC William Stewart, US Army, and SSG Carlton Duncan, US Army (not pictured)

The Third EDM Americas 4USTroops golf tournament held at Prestonwood Country Club in Cary, NC, honored local wounded warriors and recognized veteran support organizations, including a donation to Enable America. Title sponsor EDM Americas partnered with Enable America to organize and host the tournament, which raised over $20,000.

Chet Culver, EA board member and former Governor of Iowa, said “I want to thank EDM and all of the sponsors, players and volunteers who make this such a successful event….and ask everyone to not forget our wounded warriors and disabled veterans who need our help to re-integrate to civilian status and employment.”  EDM donated $5,000 to Enable America to support our work with military in transition in NC.

“This tournament is a business and community-supported event which recognizes North Carolina’s veterans and their sacrifice.  We’re honored to work with EDM in raising not just proceeds, but also awareness for deserving service members,” said Sandy Moonert, EA Program Director who is based in Raleigh and serves on the tournament organizing committee.   “EDM is a strong supporter of the Enable America cause to improve employment for disabled veterans and wounded warriors.”



Pictured: Tiffany Jacobs, WWP; Kelley Koch and Dana Jordan, Lowes; Amanda Hahn, LabCorp; Lt. Col. Nelson; CSM Brown; Katie Henry, SAS; Mindi McLendon, Parata Systems; Chris Scheib, Scheib Financial; and Sandy Moonert, Enable America.

Enable America congratulates 35 transitioning soldiers and thanks our corporate volunteers who took part in our Job Seekers Workshop at Ft. Bragg, NC, on February 27.  Also, we want to send a special thank you to Lieutenant Colonel Nelson and Command Sergeant Major Brown, for their personal welcome and recognition certificate to Enable America.  These programs are made possible by financial support from the Duke Energy Foundation.

Job Seeker Workshops provide disabled veterans and transitioning soldiers with unique opportunities to work directly with human resource professionals, to improve the job seeking skills they need as they re-enter a very competitive civilian workforce.  This program is another example of the bridges Enable America builds to improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities.


Enable America praised for leadership in employment for people with disabilities

Furthering the cause to improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities, Enable America conducted employment mentoring at multiple locations in Washington this September, including at the FBI. Enable America also gathered subject matter experts for a roundtable discussion on the achievements and challenges of employing more people with disabilities. The events were capped by a reception honoring Senator Tom Harkin and Congressman C.W. Bill Young for their commitment and contributions to this cause.

See more pictures from Enable America’s Washington DC events here.


Congressional Proclamation

On the occasion of Enable America’s 10 Year Anniversary events, Congressman C.W. Bill Young (R-Florida) read a proclamation on the floor of the 112th session of Congress. “I rise today to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Enable America, a first of its kind organization entirely dedicated to reducing unemployment among people with disabilities. This organization has assisted countless people with disabilities in finding a job and the belief that ‘good things happen when people have jobs’ underpins their efforts.”

Read the entire proclamation here: PDF






June 4, 2015 Ft. Bragg, NC


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Enable America featured on "Hiring America," a program focused on improving employment for military veterans




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VIDEO: Ten Years of Accomplishments

Founded in 2002, Enable America provides a wide range of programs that directly engage with and improve the lives of people with disabilities, including disabled veterans and wounded warriors. Watch this video to see highlights from the past ten years.

Senator Tom Harkin recounts his years of fighting for the rights of people with disabilities, as he accepts the Enable America “Award of Appreciation” at the 10th Anniversary Reception held in Washington, DC.

Founder and CEO Richard Salem addresses the audience at Enable America’s 10th Anniversary Reception, recounting his journey as a person with a disability, and his inspiration for helping others.

dCFC #11704

In the CFC manual, we are: Disabled Americans Employment Services (Enable America Inc)

Isolation end where employment begins. Help our nation’s wounded warriors and people with disabilities take the most important step in reconnection with their communities.

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Disability News


In the news
Daily Caller
- May 10, 2012
- 10 hours ago
According to an informal discussion letter the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued in August 2011, “paruresis” — more commonly known as “shy bladder syndrome” — qualifies as a disability under the amended Americans with Disabilities Act.
MarketWatch (press release)
- May 08, 2012
- May 08, 2012
President Harry S. Truman designated the President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities to carry out the observance. In 1962, the word "physically" was removed from the week's name to acknowledge the employment needs of all Americans ...
- May 03, 2012
- May 03, 2012
“Impediments to work are compounded for people with disabilities when the economy turns sour and there are simply fewer jobs and greater competition for the jobs that remain,” Reno said. Her group researches the impact of social insurance on economic ...
Baltimore Post-Examiner
- May 10, 2012
- 3 hours ago
This ethic was epitomized by the farmers, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, and small business owners who characterized the American cultural ideal of independence and held the notion of the work ethic (Ciulla, 2001; Jackall, 2008).
MarketWatch (press release)
- May 09, 2012
- 22 hours ago
North American Salt owns a salt mine in Cote Blanche, La., that employs about 100 workers who are represented by the USW. In 2010 the company illegally implemented new employment terms without its workers' approval. After a brief strike the USW filed ...
- May 07, 2012
- May 07, 2012
She also ran out of money, signed up for disability benefits and has been unable to work again. The 47-year-old from Michigan is among the 8.7 million American workers on the US disability rolls, an important part of the social safety net.
GlobeNewsWire (press release)
- May 09, 2012
- May 09, 2012
ATLANTA, May 9, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Southeast ADA Center, one of 10 regional centers across the country providing information, training and technical assistance to promote voluntary compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ...
Daily Sundial
- May 09, 2012
- May 09, 2012
By Gustavo Benitez The American School for the Deaf, or ASD, America's oldest permanent school for the deaf, represents one of the first attempts to recognize the needs of students with disabilities. The primary and secondary school was founded in ...
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