Enable America was established in Tampa in 2002 by attorney Richard Salem as a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities find employment and live independently. Since then a wide number of programs have been conducted, and continue to be offered: Disability Employee Mentoring: In this program, Enable America improves employment opportunities for people with disabilities by matching them with employers who are working to improve their workplace. “Mentees” spend a day working with an employee “mentor,” gaining valuable workplace that is often more difficult for them to find. Mentees also they make important connections that can help further their careers. The experience also helps businesses build a more diverse and inclusive workforce that values and respects everyone.


Community Connection and Business to Business Meetings: These forums bring local leaders, lawmakers, employers and service providers together to learn and share success stories. These meetings are an important step in building a bridge between those with disabilities, and their community.



VetConnect: Dedicated to helping wounded warriors re-acclimate to civilian life or return to active duty, VetConnect enhances existing rehabilitation programs for wounded veterans and actively engages local civic, business, and community leaders in the reorientation of wounded warriors to their communities. The program improves the recovery outcome of wounded warriors by pairing them with similarly wounded peer mentors who have completed or are completing the recovery process.


Team Enable: Team Enable is designed to organize people with disabilities and other community members through training groups and sports activities. The program was launched in April 2009 when Team Enable fielded a team at the St. Anthony’s Triathlon. The team included two participants who were blind: Richard Salem, who competing in biking while riding a tandem bike with Air Force General Robert Holmes, and U.S. Army Special Forces Captain Ivan Castro, who ran in the 10K with assistance from running partner Scott Heintz.



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VIDEO: Ten Years of Accomplishments

Founded in 2002, Enable America provides a wide range of programs that directly engage with and improve the lives of people with disabilities, including disabled veterans and wounded warriors. Watch this video to see highlights from the past ten years.

Senator Tom Harkin recounts his years of fighting for the rights of people with disabilities, as he accepts the Enable America “Award of Appreciation” at the 10th Anniversary Reception held in Washington, DC.

Founder and CEO Richard Salem addresses the audience at Enable America’s 10th Anniversary Reception, recounting his journey as a person with a disability, and his inspiration for helping others.

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In the CFC manual, we are: Disabled Americans Employment Services (Enable America Inc)

Isolation end where employment begins. Help our nation’s wounded warriors and people with disabilities take the most important step in reconnection with their communities.